March 6, 2008

A Little Aside #2

Hello all. A fan and, I dare say a FORMER (as of this letter) friend, wrote in with the following message...

I am having problems with my internet browser; perhaps you can help. You see, whenever I go to "Draw Every Day for a Year" of late, I cannot find an entry for February 28th or February 29th (this being a lovely Leap Year, after all). Now, I know I haven't entered in "Draw ALMOST Every Day for a Year" or "Draw Sometimes During the Year" or "Bullshit Liar Misrepresenter False Advertising Page," so I was wondering if you -- being rather learned with computers -- could help me with this problem. Thanks, buddy.

My first instinct was to respond to said friend's acid-dripping "question" with some acid of my own, but you know what? I'm not going to stoop to his level. If he were to read the very short mission statement of my blog, there at the top of each and every page, he would see...

What this means, dear sir, is that though I will produce a work each day, I may not necessarily post it on that day. Maybe I'll accumulate five or even six drawing before I am able to sit down, scan and post the work.

But the vituperative letter got me to thinking. Maybe it would be simpler if I did modify the date of each post to reflect the date of the drawing. Dad-gummit, I'll do it!! And so thank you sir, for you have, much to your chagrin, inadvertently made a positive contribution to "Draw Every Day for a Year" but not "Post Every Day for a Year".

Yours in brotherly hate,

-Albert J Calleros


Anonymous said...

Silly me, how could I have not realized that the cryptic phrase "batches of various sizes" meant "I'll give myself a lazy arse out for those days when I can't be bothered to get something up, I will?" Still, I must offer a bit of remonstrance. My all too sincere inquiry was based on the sheer enjoyment I revel in each and every day I espy new material on this site; there was not an ounce of vituperation to be found there...just love.

Yours most sincerely,

S. Holmes

Albert said...

Apology accepted.