March 17, 2008

Day 077

Sad Strawberries.


Keith Conroy said...

Sad little strawberry-bowl boy, why are you so sad? The pools of your eyes reflecting the juicy berries as if they were the very embers of hell.
What is it that you see, for surely it is not the fresh berries in front of you? Is it just that they lack the coolness of whip brought forth from a white and blue container?
Are the berries not for you, but for some cruel master you must provide service for?
A thousand tales are offered in that bowl of red-tainted fruit...pick one; for each succulent morsel has a story behind it.

Albert said...

Keith Conroy, the beauty of your words doth a thousandfold times lap the pale beauty of my sketch.

Joseph Lee said...

I don't know what kind of literature nonsense you guys are talkin' about, but I love the art. ;) Keep the love goin' Al!