March 1, 2008

Day 061

I went to Santa Anita Park yesterday to see the horse races with friends and family, so...

This guy reminds me of a mule, but he's actually a "Przewalski's Horse" (Equus ferus przewalskii), also known as the Asian Wild Horse. He's the closest living wild relative of the domestic Horse. Most "wild" horses today, such as the American Mustang are actually feral animals, horses that were once domesticated but escaped and reverted to an apparently wild status. This guy on the other hand, has never been successfully domesticated and remains the only truly wild horse in the world.

Thank you Wikipedia!

By the way, my pal Jeff Mertzy hit three trifectas and one exacta yesterday... the bastard!!! I was lucky enough to leave Santa Anita with my complimentary digital clock.

Thank you China!


jojo said...

wow, this is beautiful!

Jim said...

I love your gorgeous hairy ass.

Keith Conroy said...

You know this piece looks better the smaller you make it, If you made it say, so small you could barely see it, it'd be one of the best pieces you've ever done.

Jim Feeley said...

I love your gorgeous hairy ass.

I'd love to wear that ass as a toupee.

Albert said...

Dear Mr. Conroy,

I don't know what I did to raise your ire and hatred, but I do salute you with my middle finger.