March 2, 2008

Day 062

Some faces and stuff I sketched from newspapers at the good ol' Coffee Fix. I need to add to my internal collection of hairstyles. Color done with markers, not that it's anything beyond a cheap ploy to make the sketch more jazzy.


Keith Conroy said...

*sigh* You are correct Mr. Calleros, I am Irked and vindictive. For you see, how can one man produce sketch pieces of this quality and caliber everyday. It is beyond supernatural.
I cannot hide behind petty comments or vulgar defacements of your work the real feeling of admiration I have at what your are accomplishing here.
Instead I shall offer you my encouragement and praise from here on in. A sketch for everyday! It can be done! It is with great satisfaction I say that my friend, Albert Calleros leads the way!

But I must say I was laughing my ass off while I embellished myself onto that sketch. Middle finger was warranted.

Joseph Lee said...

Sweet sketches! Love the use of colors!