February 26, 2008

A Little Aside

A frequent and kind visitor of this blog has asked that the artist interpret himself. Using the power of Google Image and a Photoshop filter, his wish is herefore granted. While we may quibble that I didn't actually "draw" this piece, no one can argue that my very soul is not embedded, represented and glorified within this image.


Joseph Lee said...

A pretty interesting interpretation of yourself Albert. Does this image technically count as a drawing for the day? ;)

Anonymous said...
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jojo said...

this one really hits home!!
thank you for this... i hope you do a portrait of one of my personal favorites; mork!! sans mindy btw.

Rational Thought said...

Okay. This pic is a violation of the man code. I should send this to Anderson Coppers'"what were you thinking" segment on CNNS'Anderson Copper 360.

Wow! What's next, a pic of Grossman and John buck naked in sexy positions? You've come a long way from tracing Spiderman. WOW!

Rational Thought said...

Please excuse the last comment. I did not spell Anderson Coopers name correctly.

Oh well. Albert and I graduated from the same school system. Be glad that I can spell at all.