April 21, 2008

Day 111

A lil' representation of Steve Luckett, our IT guy. not nearly as handsome as the man it represents.

sketched during the meeting with the Toon Boom folks.

marker on paper and photoshop color.


rosanalpz said...

Another nice drawing!

I'm Rosana, from Ay can di corner. In my blog you can find tales that I write, opinion, news, my drawings, my photos... I will try to translate the sentence that describes the blog, my english is not enough good for it.

I liked you blog since the first time I saw it, because your drawings are special and very beautiful. I liked too your idea "Draw every day for a year"... but I'm sure that next year I will miss it a lot!!!

I have a section in my blog in which I recommend the blogs I like a lot, and I have talked about your blog last sunday. My blog visitors say they like a lot your drawings too.
Everyday, a lot of people are looking four your drawings, me too.
Congratulations for your drawings and thank you very much for your comment. (Sorry for my english).

Rosana, from Spain.

Anonymous said...

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